Monday, 12 August 2013

London Road/Abbey Lane Pinch Point

The junction of London Road and Abbey Lane is one of the scariest on my road home. In theory, it should be not bad: there's a dedicated bus lane on the left, and the cars are in the right hand lane:

But... There's a bloody great pothole on the left of the left lane:

So I have to pull out to the right of the lane:

Again, this shouldn't be too bad. Except, if there's a car waiting to turn right down Abbey Lane, the cars behind it pull in to the left to get round:

And they'll often floor it to try and pass me, fail and pull left anyway. I get nearly hit here about once a week, I'd say. If I break to let the car go ahead, I get the same problem from the car behind it. If I pull to the left I get nearly thrown over by the pothole. 

Like I say, a horrible junction to cycle in rush hour. 

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